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Erweiterte Kandidaten Suche

System Administrator, System Engineer, IT Support, IT Analyst

Referenz-Nummer: KRW3530


Searching for the opportunity to bring 8 years of professional experience as a Senior Corporate Systems Analyst. A knowledgeable, dynamic, conscientious, reliable, responsible and committed person, with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, possessing strong attention to detail, multi-tasking and prioritizing abilities, solid organizational and planning expertise.




JANUARY 2015 – JANUARY 2020 SENIOR CORPORATE SYSTEMS ANALYST, VIRGIN PULSE, INC, FRAMINGHAM, MA, USA • Transformed the IT services by introducing, adopting, implementing and adapting the ITIL model, aligning ITSM with the business’ priorities, goals, objectives and growth. This project enabled ITSM improve service quality, cost optimization, better risk management and achieve higher end user satisfaction and added value to the business. • Simplified IT administration, access and protection of devices (Windows, Mac, mobile) through implementing, deploying and managing unified cloud-based MDM solutions. These projects helped automating routine IT tasks, keeping systems up to date, setting up and deploying installation packages, enforcing security policies, automatically collecting inventory information, health monitoring, patch management, resulting in increased end user productivity, time and cost savings and less interruptions. • Restructured the Active Directory organizational units and security groups across the organization, pertinent of the location, access, privileges and roles. This project achieved a more meaningful, robust and scalable AD structure and layout, increasing visibility for the IT administrators and standardizing naming conventions, to quicker and more effectively perform day to day tasks. • Introduced, implemented and administered a cloud-based secure identity and access management platform that I integrated with our on-premise Active Directory service, to give the employees secure access (SSO with MFA), independent of VPN access, to the business’ resources, services and applications over the Internet. This project delivered a modern IT approach to legacy solutions, increasing IT agility, by allowing to integrate all of the company’s resources, services and applications behind one platform, eliminate disruptions, ensure higher uptime and availability, decreasing costs and improving performance. • Planned and executed the data migration and decommissioning of all onsite and data center hosted Windows Server – file servers UNC access to file storage and sharing, and Windows Server – Microsoft Exchange mail servers, to cloud-based solutions, Office 365 OneDrive for personal user data, Office 365 SharePoint and team sites for team data, respectively Office 365 Exchange Online services. These projects achieved critical security and reliability, encryption, email protection, empowering the IT administrators and end users to control what can be shared, who can share and to whom content can be shared. It allowed teams and users to be productive and stay connected from anywhere, to better collaborate. • Participated in the infrastructure and networking setup at the organization’s headquarters office space. I was part of the planning, mapping, procurement, installation and deployment of hardware (firewalls, switches, APs, servers and UPSs), as well as collaborated with ISP, building management, construction support teams to ensure the guidelines and industry’s standards are met, in consideration of the requirements and needs of growth of the enterprise. This project accomplished seamless expansion of the corporate office workspace, making it possible for new hires to come onboard immediately, which boosted productivity and increased the company’s footprint across the region, at a lower cost compared to using a third-party professional service. • Extended the observability across our systems, our software environment and digital landscape, by deploying a modern observability web-based platform solution, that collected and ingested telemetry data from any source, letting the Engineering Department search across all our entities, to see all their relationships and dependencies, under one roof. This project’s implementation was instrumental in quicker finding and fixing of problems, proactive detection and incidents resolution, offering insights of where to go to drill in further and investigate deeper root causes, which allowed DevOps and SRE Teams to respond to incidents smarter and faster, respectively Development Teams to build better, more resilient software. • Enhanced the workplace experience across all of the organization’s global offices, by installing smart LED TVs which displayed key metrics and traces, custom and meaningful dashboards and immediate insights from the web-based observability platform solution that I have deployed across our systems. This project’s completion ensured end to end accessibility, visibility and full transparency of our services and hosts health, a continuous monitoring and alerting for the Engineering Department, resulting in faster detection and reaction times. JANUARY 2012 – JANUARY 2015 NETWORK SUPPORT ASSOCIATE, VIRGIN HEALTHMILES, FRAMINGHAM, MA, USA • Responded to the organization’s demands of adopting the agile methodology for project management, software and product development by implementing, managing and supporting the Jira service. This project enabled the Engineering and Product departments to plan, track, and manage their agile software development projects, as well as customize their workflows, collaborate and release great software. • Acknowledged the business’ need for a tool to create, collaborate, and organize all of the work in one place and deployed, administered and supported the Confluence service. This project helped the Engineering, Product, Client Success, Member Services, Marketing teams accomplish more together in one flexible workspace, allowing the free flow of information and knowledge among everyone in the organization, as well as offering a platform for planning and documentation. • Collaborated with the HR Department and hiring managers to ensure the new employees IT onboarding process not only is compliant with the organization’s security policies, but also boosted early-on user engagement, educated users to increase retention, encouraged open communication, decreased time to productivity and turnover, while promoting better company culture, building trust and alignment, forging connections with new employees and lowering user support costs. • Continuously created, reviewed, updated and optimized IT documentation to efficiently serve for training and learning, preserve knowledge, reveal, correct and avoid errors and gaps, lowering unnecessary risks and surprises, though increasing the quality and consistency of operations. With great documentation, the new hires are able to quickly learn about the internal processes, protocols and policies, reducing support requirements and operational ambiguity. • Orchestrated and automated stages of the IT offboarding process for departing employees to carry out many vital offboarding steps in seconds, reduce human error and improve offboarding precision. Regularly evaluated, refined and iterated this process in compliance with the company’s security protocols, to meet terminated users’ data protection and retention requirements, in respect to corporate systems access deprovisioning and company assets retrieval. • Transformed the workplace experience and made a great first impression with seamless, secure web-based visitor management solution deployment, across all of the company’s offices around the World. This project’s implementation resulted in time savings, improved security, and provided a great visitor experience, from the moment they walked through the door, as well as a secure platform for our Front Desk Team to manage visitors. • Modernized the way onsite meetings take place, and how employees can smarter and securely screen share wirelessly, through deploying and installing hardware in the conference rooms and office TVs, respectively cross platforms software agents on the end users’ machines, for the cloud based contracted screen mirroring service. The project’s fulfillment resulted in an easier screen sharing experience, time saving and improved teamwork for the employees, go green and care for the screens and environment by saving power though scheduling displays to turn on and off according to office hours. It also offered IT Administrators remote access and control of every screen, via the all in one cloud management console, respectively distributed responsibility, by inviting colleagues from the Office Management Teams, to manage screens and assign different access levels depending on user roles. • Increased our employees accessibility and visibility to the company’s announcements, events, town halls, holidays, by adopting and implementing a cloud based solution, that allowed the Marketing Department create, edit custom and standardized template designs and content, to be shared with the Office Management Team, who would use the wirelessly screen sharing tool that I have deployed across and access to the TV screens, to display these slides across the offices around the World. The realization of this project resulted in a faster news sharing, keeping everyone up to speed with company updates and results, creating a transparent ambiance, with an impact on inspiring and engaging employees. • Researched and compared cloud communications service providers offerings to meet the needs and requirements of our enterprise. Negotiated with the vendors the services and support contract terms, advocated for the choice, submitted and obtained IT higher ups’ and Finance Department’s approval for a new contract and planned a cut off schedule, respectively implementation and deployment time of the new VOIP phone service. This project’s completion achieved superior uptime, voice and video quality, to fuel the organization’s critical business conversations, providing ease of use and management, accessibility, security, cost effectiveness and value, for our company’s global footprint. • Offered a better utilization of the offices’ conference rooms and spaces, with the installation and implementation of an easy room scheduling and booking tool. I have integrated this service with the Office 365 tenant, for the employees to be able to book a room from their Outlook application, to better support our people and their work. The completion of this project helped employees do their best work, gave everyone the ability to use, understand and optimize how the office is used. It made it easy to book a space for the task at hand with exactly the right fit and resources. Remove abandoned meetings and optimize workplace usage for higher productivity. • Connected our teams and higher management across the globe for all company meetings and trainings, by implementing an end to end secure, live streaming solution for the business. I have integrated this service with our Active Directory of users and enabled Single Sign On to seamlessly enable employees access the internal live events. This project increased motivation and mobilization from our employees and engaged them directly from anywhere in the World through high quality live video, easy and secure access, as well as it supplied everyone with means of staying in the loop and up to date with the latest announcements, news and messages from upper management. • Simplified upper management’s and board’s collaboration via deploying and installing an intelligent in room cloud-based audio and video conferencing service. The intelligent approach to video conferencing included modern hardware with HD video and industry leading audio capabilities, that is highly available, and always ready for use. The accomplishment of this project resulted in meetings always starting on time, less frustration, time and money savings, unlimited number of users and length of calls. • Provided the Marketing Team a solution to standardize and manage employees’ signatures, through the adoption of a cloud-based signature management service. I have integrated this tool with the Office 365 tenant, for all users sending email from any device. This project ensured that corporate email signatures are centrally created and professionally managed by the Marketing Team across business, offering a way to standardize the brand, design and content, as well as update the layout seamlessly with immediate effect across board. • Researched and compared audio and video conferencing, webinars, meetings and chat providers offerings to meet the needs and requirements of the business. Negotiated with the vendors the services and support contract terms, advocated for the selection, submitted and obtained IT higher ups’ and Finance Department’s approval for a new contract, planned implementation and deployment of the new services. This project’s accomplishment resulted in an increase of performance, trust and engagement, as well as accessibility, security, cost effectiveness and value to the business, simplified and centralized IT management.


English - Business Fluent French - Conversational Romanian - Mother language German - Beginner




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